Search Engine Marketing


Your website should always be properly indexed with major web tools such as Google and Bing Webmaster. Our team has an in depth knowledge of these tools and understand their importance. We make sure your site’s pages sitemap are properly indexed so big search engines can begin and continue their crawls. We also perform domain submission so search engines can begin to find your site if it is new, or changes have been made to the domain name. If we find errors or issues with the pages within the site, we make sure to fix these so there is a seamless process of organic ranking.

Rich Keywords

Every single site needs to have rich, valuable keywords on every page. We use tools to analyze the current market your business is in to see what users are searching for on the web in relation to your services. Utilizing these phrase or words can be the difference between high volumes of organic traffic and minimal. If you already have an existing site, we can analyze it for new opportunities and corrections that may need to be made.

Content Optimization

Meta tags and descriptions can greatly influence click-throughs on your website. This should always follow along with your content. Websites that have at least 800 words, perform better than those with fewer. Content is key!It is also imperative to use keyword based titles that help establish your page theme and the direction for your keywords.

Study Competitors

We study the keyword content in competitor websites and the current engine rankings of those businesses. We select the top five listings in your company’s arena so the best results can be achieved. In addition, we ask two basic questions when forming quality SEO: What would you type into a search engine for your business website and what would your customers? Taking a look on the other side of the screen; so to say, is a point of view that some agencies tend to forget.

Building Internal & External Links

Having links inside of your website that direct to local pages are very important and will rank your site higher in search results. These types of links are very easy to create and make navigation within your site even easier for users. However, the most important parts of quality Search engine optimization are backlinks to your website. These are external and link directly back to your website in anyway. They can be social media, directories, articles, blogs, press releases and ads. Although some of the hardest backlinks to achieve are from other websites that give your site credits. These are extremely fruitful and can make a massive impact on your organic search results.


Once your SEO has been performed, it doesn’t end there. After the initial work it is imperative to check every 30-45 days to see how things are performing and what results are being generated. Organic rankings can take some time to generate their results; however, the better the SEO quality, the faster the results. Search engine optimization is a never ending task that always requires maintenance to upkeep and improve upon your status no matter what level your website is at.