Search Engine Marketing

Custom Campaigns

We design and organize your campaigns to the audience your business is geared towards. We use the power of keywords, Pay Per Clicks (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC), AdWords, Bing Ads, mobile search advertising, geotargeting and content writing. We can utilize many other tools that we have available, but always start with the standard in search engine marketing to ensure you have a very strong foundation. Each of these areas is fine tuned to your business needs, audience and website.


Retargeting is so important because it focuses on your advertising on those users that have already had an interaction with your brand and have interest. We can recapture a user who visited your site once and in bring them back with retargeted ads. Retargeting is generally used with a larger digital marketing strategy. We find that most businesses that chose to use retargeting tend to see a higher ROI (return on investment) than with other digital techniques.

Competitive Research

Not only do we research your competitors, we also keep a close eye on them to ensure they do not use any of your licensed property as their own. Once gain we use industry standard tools like Bing and Google to perform auction insights. You never want to go in a situation with a blindfold over your eyes. We plan our, diagnose and select the best keywords for your campaigns.

Maximizing Your Returns

We want your business to get the most out of the marketing strategy we help put together for you. This is done by instituting several steps: correct budget, take advantage of growing trends, align your SEM and SEO content, optimize your campaigns seasonally, advanced targeting methods and continuing growth by furthering your performance. Like we have stated before, we start with the basics, a strong foundation. It is then we begin to analyze your campaign and start to take on growth opportunities and strengthen your digital marketing.

Analyzing Trends

Let’s face it, the web is always changing and does so on a daily basis. We make sure to keep up with all new trends, tools and analytics to ensure your campaigns are performing at their most optimum. We use tools such as Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, Google Analytics and PPC Data. These are some of the top web tools used in today’s digital marketing campaigns. There can be new trends in blog post topics, search engines, SEO techniques; especially when it comes to specific target marketing for certain services. We don’t let your business fall behind on what is going out there on the web, we stay up to date and informed and make any and all changes needed to keep you in the best rankings possible.

We Wear The White Hat

At our marketing agency we always comply with online standards, practices and rules. We do not believe in black hat marketing. Your company will always be in compliance with all regulations in our hands. White Hat advertising takes takes the human audience into focus, rather than search engines. We focus on strategies, techniques and tactics that will bring users to your sites in a meaningful way.


We make sure to provide you company with reports on how well your campaigns are doing and to discuss areas of improvement and growth. We share valuable data with you on each digital marketing endeavor your business is involved with.